462 and 466 Squadron Aircraft

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Colours within the pages indicate :- Green ordered back, Purple no attack made.
Vickers Wellington III
X3348 X3409 X3461 X3545 X3546 X3790 Z1692 BJ798
BJ799 BJ908 BK435 BK471 DF625      
Vickers Wellington X
HE149 HE150 HE151 HE152 HE153 HE154 HE155 HE156
HE164 HE212 HE326 HE351 HE366 HE368 HE376 HE383
HE386 HE389 HE391 HE393 HE397 HE410 HE411 HE434
HE471 HE501 HE506 HE529 HE530 HE531 HE549 HE570
HE872 HE984 HE989 HF465 HF471 HF473 HF481 HF485
HF513 HF516 HF517 HF519 HF544 HF545 HF569 HF601
HF602 HZ256 HZ257 HZ269 HZ270 HZ271 HZ279 HZ472
HZ477 HZ479 HZ484 HZ486 HZ518 HZ530 HZ531 HZ580
LN286 LN287 LN288 LN289 LN292 LN293 LN392 LN400
LN401 LN404 LN428 LN442 LN443 LN453 MS473 MS483
Handley Page Halifax II
W1148 W1149 W1151 W1156 W1161 W1169 W1170 W1172
W1174 W1176 W1177 W1183 W1224 W7655 W7659 W7664
W7671 W7672 W7697 W7702 W7716 W7717 W7755 W7756
W7758 W7826 W7845 W7847 W7848 W7849 W7927 BB321
BB325 BB331 BB333 BB339 BB357 BB358 BB382 BB385
BB386 BB391 BB412 BB413 BB415 BB416 BB417 BB418
BB419 BB420 BB423 BB424 BB425 BB426 BB430 BB439
BB443 BB446 DT486 DT495 DT497 DT498 DT499 DT501
DT504 DT559 DT613 DT720 DT776 HR691 JB788 JB927
JD170 JN882 JN890 JN892 JN895 JN896 JN913 JN916
Hawker Hartebeest I (462 ME Squadron Hack)
Handley Page Halifax III
HX231 HX233 HX235 HX236 HX237 HX239 HX240 HX242
HX243 HX244 HX247 HX266 HX267 HX271 HX273 HX274
HX276 HX278 HX293 HX294 HX296 HX312 HX336 HX337
HX341 HX343 HX345 HX354 LK786 LK793 LL598 LL599
LL600 LL601


LL609 LL610 LL611 LL615 LV781
LV791 LV823 LV824 LV826 LV827 LV833 LV837 LV875
LV900 LV904 LV919 LV936 LV943 LV948 LV949 LV955
LV956 LW116 LW172 LW369 LW372 LW440 LW464 LW516
LW521 MZ283 MZ287 MZ294 MZ296 MZ299 MZ305 MZ306
MZ307 MZ308 MZ313 MZ341 MZ342 MZ368 MZ370 MZ396
MZ398 MZ400 MZ401 MZ402 MZ403 MZ426 MZ429 MZ431
MZ447 MZ448 MZ457 MZ461 MZ467 MZ469 MZ479 MZ735
MZ792 MZ877 MZ913 MZ914 MZ915 MZ945 NA147 NA148
NA199 NA240 NA521 NA619 NA621 NA622 NP968 NP969
NP971 NP975 NP976 NP989 NP990 NR119 NR125 NR127
NR132 NR149 NR152 NR154 NR169 NR179 NR183 NR185
NR201 NR234 NR238 NR239 NR250 NR284 NR289 PN168
PN176 PN180 PN181 PN182 PN184 PN192 PN423 PN426
PN427 PN429 PN430 PN432 PN433 PN442 PN445 PN450
PN452 RG346 RG379 RG384 RG432 RG437    
Handley Page Halifax VI
RG494 RG549 RG557 RG559 RG565 RG566 RG588 RG589
RG590 RG596 RG600 RG603 RG604 RG614 RG615 RG616
RG655 RG661            
Airspeed Oxford (462 Squadron Hack)
    AP391 HN122 NM239 NM329    
Consolidated Liberator VIII
KH143 KH178 KH180 KH261 KH290 KH306 KH387 KH388
KH413 KK367 KK369 KL496 KL514 KN734 KN736 KN758
KN763 KN765 KN775 KN810