HE410 Wellington X HD-T
21st January 1943
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Air Gunner 2nd Pilot  
  F/S G Emerson Sgt R G Prior F/S G G Whitla Sgt W D D Watts Sgt H Hughes Sgt W R Fisher  
  RNZAF - P.o.W. P.o.W. RNZAF - P.o.W. P.o.W. RNZAF - P.o.W.    
  Take Off :- 16:40   Base :- RAF Leconfield Mission :- Mining mission to Terschelling  
  Details :- HE410 was hit by flak in the starboard wing which disabled the engine and lost height until hitting a telegraph pole near Mantgum before crashing North of Wirdum (Friesland), 5km South South East from the centre of Leeuwarden, Holland at 18:20.  
  70 aircraft involved with mining around the Frisians with the loss of 6 aircraft.  
  Sgt Fisher was on attachment from 196 Squadron and is buried in Leeuwarden Protestant Churchyard.    
  F/S Emerson - PoW number 27449 in camps 8B/344.  
  Sgt Prior - PoW number 42725 in camps 9C/L6/357.  
  F/S Whitla - PoW number 27450 in camps 8B/344.  
  Sgt Watts - PoW number 27471 in camps 8B/344.  
  Sgt Hughes - PoW number 27481 in camps 8B/344.  
  Please visit http://www.626-squadron.co.uk/willem3.htm for a very detailed overview of HE410 last flight.  
  Photo of Sgt W R Fisher kindly donated by Andrew Macdonald  

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