HE471 Wellington X HD-
30th January 1943
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Air Gunner  
  Sgt L F Axby Sgt J H A Beath Sgt D Durham Sgt W Jackson P/O T G Watson  
  Take Off :- 11:14   Base :- RAF Leconfield Mission :- Emden
  Details :- HE471 was presumed lost over the sea.  
  36 aircraft detailed to bomb various targets in Germany with the loss of 4 Wellington's including HE397 and HE471 both 466 aircraft.  
  Four are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.  
  Sgt Beath lies in Esbjerg (Fovrfelt) Cemetery, having being found on Mando Island on 25th February 1943.
  It is possible that HE471 was shot down by a fighter from JG1, either Hptm Egon Falkensammer or Uffz Hanel.
  Picture of P/O T.G. Watson kindly donated by Geoff Watson  
  Picture of Sgt D Durham courtesy of Auckland Library Heritage Collection reference AWNS1943-0421-18-22  
  Picture of Sgt L F Axby kindly donated by Rick Axby  

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