HE501 Wellington X HD-J
HE501 with a different crew standing infront of it.
16th April 1943
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Air Gunner  
  F/S C F Tozer Sgt H E Jones F/S G K Young Sgt R K White Sgt G Errington  
  RAAF   RCAF      
  Take Off :- 21:17   Base :- RAF Leconfield Mission :- Mannheim
  Details :- HE501 was shotdown at 23:56 by a night-fighter and crashed near Seraincourt (Ardennes) at Logny-les-Chaumont, 16km North West of Rethel, France.  
  271 aircraft detailed to attack, 18 lost.  
  The bomb load carried by HE501 on the night of 16th April 1943 was 6 x 500lb M.C. bombs and 890 gallons of fuel to allow for 9 - 10 hours of flying time.  
  All the crew are buried in Seraincourt Churchyard.  
  Photo of Sgt G Errington very kindly donated by Anne Nicholson  

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