HX271 Halifax III HD-V
2nd June 1944
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Flight Engineer Mid Upper Gunner Rear Gunner  
  P/O A L Smith F/S H C Evans F/O D R Campbell W/O M M Bettington Sgt F W Sowerby F/S V W Phillips F/S L J Pulbrook  
  RAAF RAAF - P.o.W. RAAF - P.o.W. RAAF   RAAF RAAF - P.o.W.  

The tail wheel from HX271 is now being used on the Halifax reproduction at

"The Yorkshire Air Museum" Elvington, Yorkshire, England

  Take Off :- 22:22   Base :- RAF Leconfield   Mission :- Railway yards at Trappes  
  Details :- HX271 crashed at Dannemarie (Yvelines) 4km South South East of Houdan.  
  128 aircraft detailed for this mission, including 105 Halifax with the loss of 15 Halifax including HX242 and HX271 from 466 Squadron.  
  Those of the crew who died are buried in Dreux Communal Cemetery.  
  F/S Evans - PoW number is 158 in camp L7.  
  F/O Campbell - PoW number is 5979 in camp L3.  
  F/S Pulbrook - PoW number is 677 in camp L7.  

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