LV919 Halifax III HD-O
12th May 1944
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Flight Engineer Mid Upper Gunner Rear Gunner  
  F/S L V Barnett F/S H J Smith F/O G P Pinn F/S W K Gertzel Sgt A M Berry F/S W A Gillard F/O L E J F Chinnery  
  Take Off :- 21:51   Base :- RAF Leconfield   Mission :- Hasselt  
  Details :- LV919 was shot down by a night fighter, crashing 00:44 at Zondereigen (Antwerpen) 10km North North West of Turnhout near the border with Holland.  
  All the crew were buried in Fort 3 Antwerp Cemetery before being re-buried in Antwerp Schoonselhof in 1946.  
  Picture of F/S L V Barnett and F/O L E J F Chinnery courtesy of National Archives Australia.  
  Picture of F/S W K Gertzel courtesy of Australian War Memorial.  

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