Handley Page Halifax II


One in batch BB300 to BB344 delivered from London Passenger Transport Board, Leavesden between 15/01/1943 and 14/03/1943
    Pilot Bomb Aimer Observer Wireless Operator Rear Gunner Mid Upper Gunner Flight Engineer 2nd Pilot
15/11/1943 Air Test R H V Thomas ?? ?? ?? ??   J H Thomas  
28/11/1943 Training R H V Thomas ?? ?? ?? ??   J H Thomas  
08/12/1943 Candia W G Juggins W McKay L M Ward A H Briggs E G Williams   G E Sharpe  
19/12/1943 Salamis C H Hall W M Nicholas H Wild R G Ward V Murphy   P S Tall  
26/12/1943 Piraeus L A Lawson V Dickson J M Withers F H Worthington D Williams   D J Lewis or
    W G Juggins W McKay L M Ward A H G Briggs G E Williams   G E Sharpe  
07/01/1944 Transit K M A Potts ?? ?? S H Radburn ??   ?? C H Hall
Also served with OAPU, 301 FTU, 178 Sqn and 614 Sqn
Struck off Charge 02/1945