Vickers Wellington III

X3348 HD-G

One in batch between X3304 to X3374 Vickers Wellington III's delivered from Vickers Squires Gate between May 1941 and July 1942.
Delivered to the Squadron on 06/11/1942
    Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Rear Gunner 2nd Pilot
08/10/1942 Delivered to 466 Squadron          
22/11/1942 Training D M L McKenzie R R Last ?? ?? ??  
25/11/1942 Training F W Healey R R Last ?? ?? ??  
Previously served with 115 Sqn and 9 Sqn
after went on to serve with 426 Sqn and 427 Sqn. Crashed on Blackden Edge, Edale returning from a raid on 26/01/1943