HX294 Halifax III HD-A
28th January 1944
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Flight Engineer Mid Upper Gunner Rear Gunner  
  S/L A O McCormack F/S G Walker P/O J W Tylor F/S J R Clark Sgt R Collings F/S S L Smith F/S R A Whitfield  
  RAAF - P.o.W. RAAF - P.o.W. RAAF RAAF - P.o.W. P.o.W. RAAF - P.o.W. RAAF - P.o.W.  

Left to Right::-

S/L A O McCormack, Sgt R Collings, P/O J W Tylor, F/S G Walker, F/S J R Clark, F/S S L Smith, F/S R A Whitfield.

  Take Off :- 00:07   Base :- RAF Leconfield   Mission :- Berlin  
  Details :- HX294 was abandoned after the fuel lines froze in the aircraft and came down in the Baltic between the islands of Tasinge and Stryno.  
  677 aircraft including 241 Halifax detailed on the mission, 26 Halifax aircraft were lost including HX233, HX294 and HX345 from 466 Squadron.  
  A report of the last flight is available here.  
  P/O Tyler is buried in Faaborg New Cemetery.  
  S/L McCormack - PoW number is 3373 in camp L3.  
  F/S Walker - PoW number is 1086 in camps L6/357.  
  F/S Clark - PoW number is 979 in camps L6/357.  
  Sgt Collings - PoW number is 981 in camps L6/357.  
  F/S Smith - PoW number is 1080 in camps L6/357.  
  F/S Whitfield - PoW number is 1088 in camps L6/357.  
   Picture courtesy of Australian War Memorial.  

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