HZ256 Wellington X HD-L
14th April 1943
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Air Gunner  
  P/O E F Hicks CGM, DFC F/O R J Hopkins DSO F/O R F Clayton DFC P/O F C Blair DFM Sgt E J Field  
  injured injured injured injured    

P/O Blair, F/O Hopkins, P/O Hicks, F/O Clayton, F/O Cairns.

  Take Off :- 21:01   Base :- RAF Leconfield Mission :- Stuttgart
  Details :- HZ256 was attacked by a night-fighter over Germany, although the hydraulic and brake systems were damaged causing the wheels to drop and bomb doors to open, also fatally injuring the rear gunner and wounding the bomb aimer, navigator and wireless operator, they elected to continue with the mission. The 3 wounded men extracted Sgt Field from the rear turret and laboured for more than 2 hours to assist Sgt Field who later died of his wounds. Sgt Hicks landed the aircraft at RAF Ford without the aid of the flaps.  
  462 aircraft detailed for this mission with 146 of them being Wellingtons, 8 Wellington aircraft were lost along with 15 other aircraft.  
  Sgt Field is buried in Littlehampton Cemetery.  
  The surviving crew members all received awards for their courage, fortitude and determination in most hazardous circumstances.

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