HZ531 Wellington X HD-P
30th August 1943
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Air Gunner  
  F/S M J Smart F/S J B McLachlan F/S N H Fuss F/S E H Berry Sgt J T Eccleston  
  Take Off :- 00:13   Base :- RAF Leconfield Mission :- Monchengladbach
  Details :- HZ531 was involved in a mid-air collision with another Wellington from 466 Squadron LN292 shortly after take off. HZ531 crashed into South Farm, Howden about 2 miles North of Goole at 00:25.  
  All 10 crew members were killed.  
  All the Commonwealth members of the crew are buried in Harrogate Cemetery.  
  Sgt Eccleston is buried in Widnes Cemetery, Lancashire.      

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