LV949 Halifax III HD-W
5th March 1945
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Flight Engineer Mid Upper Gunner Rear Gunner  
  F/O R S Swain F/S R E Roff F/S C D Harrison F/S F C H Ray F/S E G R Gates Sgt L J Bocking Sgt F Bristow  
  RAAF     RAAF        
  Take Off :- 16:49   Base :- RAF Driffield   Mission :- Chemnitz  
  Details :- On climbing away from Driffield the aircraft experienced severe icing, with the aircraft difficult to control they elected to jettison the bomb load and bail out. After most of the crew bailed out the aircraft came out of the cloud and control was regained so the Pilot landed the aircraft at RAF Carnaby. F/S Ray died during the bail-out of the aircraft.  
  F/S Ray is buried in Harrogate Stonefall Cemetery.  

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