LW372 Halifax III HD-C
LW372 with a different Crew standing infront of it.
6th October 1944
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Flight Engineer Mid Upper Gunner Rear Gunner 2nd Pilot
  F/O T J Kenyon F/S B De B White F/S R C Klezel F/S T A McManus Sgt P D Jack F/S F M Herne F/S N F Robinson P/O P R Lord
  Take Off :- 14:06 Base :- RAF Driffield   Mission :- Sterkrade  
  Details :-There was no cloud cover when they arrived over the target making aiming easier, also helping the flak guns do the same, LW372 came down near Duisburg.
  All the crew who died are buried in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.
  Sgt Jack - PoW number is 1029 in camp L7.
  P/O P R Lord would have been the Pilot for Crew 172.    
  Picture of F/S R C Klezel very kindly donated by Sandra McGowan.
Pictures of F/S T A McManus and F/S F M Herne courtesy of National Archives Australia.
  Picture of P/O P R Lord very kindly donated by Tiana Adair

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