NR179 Halifax III HD-C

3rd March 1945
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Flight Engineer Mid Upper Gunner Rear Gunner  
  P/O A P W Shelton F/S R R Johnson F/S P J Hogan F/S G W Dixon Sgt W E Welsh F/S G D Laing F/S V D Bullen  

back row:-

F/S P J Hogan.

F/S G W Dixon.

front row:-

P/O A P W Shelton. F/S R R Johnson.

  Take Off :- 18:23   Base :- RAF Driffield   Mission :- Kamen  
  Details :- On returning to base the airfield lights were extinguished as a German night-fighter from NJG2 was reported to the base, as they went to find an alternative airfield to land at they were attacked by a Ju88 at about 01:10 and crashed near Sutton Upon Derwent, Yorkshire.  
  Sgt Welsh is buried at Melcombe Regis Cemetery.  
  P/O Shelton, F/S Johnson and F/S Dixon are buried in Harrogate Stonefall Cemetery.  
  The Bristol Hercules engines on NR179 were:- Port Outer SS31177M/A461099, Port Inner AC915989N/A384043, Starboard Outer SS31183M/A461105, Starboard Inner SS11768/A378748.  
  Picture courtesy of Australian War Memorial.  
  The Memorial plaque near the crash site  

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